A native Washingtonian, Jim Saah has been working professionally in photography and video for 25 years.  Steeped in the DC Punk scene of the 1980’s Jim immediately started documenting the bands and culture around the scene. This formed a life long passion of music and photography.


Bad Moves
Paul Stanley and his 93-year-old father at Paul's house in Hollywood.
Almost normal compared to Gene.
So this happened. We did the interview in the "kiss museum" in his mansion. He was the nicest money crazy narcissist I've ever met.  #kiss #genesimmons
"Punk rock informed my art way more then anything in the art world." Had a nice chat with Shepard Fairey at his gallery. #obeygiant #punktockheart.
Tinariwen at the Barns at Wolf Trap. An incredible venue that I don't visit enough. #tinariwen #thebarns
Fantastic performance by #tinariwen
Transcended by Tinariwen tonight at the Barns. #tinariwen #thebarns
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