A native Washingtonian, Jim Saah has been working professionally in photography and video for 25 years.  Steeped in the DC Punk scene of the 1980’s Jim immediately started documenting the bands and culture around the scene. This formed a life long passion of music and photography.


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Cool Baby. St. Stephen’s DC. 12.22.17 @coolbabyband @neverenufffluff @id_singer @rabbiginge
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Tattoo shop. Antwerp, Belgium.
The viola-trumpet! I fucking love this guy. It’s like something off a NMH record. #violatrumpet #antwerp #neutralmilkhotel
Good morning UK!
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This is Tommy playing with Bob Pollard at SXSW in 2006. I grew up in dc seeing him play. Sometimes he’d be on a bill with a punk band and I always loved the pop and punk mix. After they played this show at SXSW we all piled into a minivan and listened to his new record. He went too young and will be missed. #riptommykeene
Glenn Kotche, Wilco, Saint Paul, MN 11.16.2017.  #wilco #glennkotche
Minor Threat, Wilson Center, Washington, DC 1983. This photo was always special to me because it exemplifies the breakdown between performer and audience. Which was a big attraction of punk rock. Especially when you were used to seeing stadium shows and a tiny person on the stage. THIS was interactive. #harDCore #classicpunk #minorthreat #ianmackaye #dischordrecords